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Divine touch of Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi

Dr Syed Mehadi Hasan

Divine touch is a heavenly touch. It is a touch of power and a transforming touch. Divine touch is a touch that produces change and it is different from an ordinary touch of a friend, a spouse or colleagues. A touch could be by placing of hand or through spoken word, deeds or action. The great men — Prophets, Rasuls, Awlia-e-Keram are compared to touchstones. The sinful men can be ideal in character by keeping in touch with them.

Touchstone is a stone used to identify precious metals; a basis for comparison; something that is used to make judgments about the quality of others things.

A touchstone is believed to be a stone that transforms whatever metal it touches into gold. Touchstone is a black siliceous stone related to flint and formerly used to test the purity of gold and silver by the streak left on the stone when rubbed by the metal. It is also a test or criterion for determining the quality or genuineness of a thing.

The Messenger of Peace, Great Reformer, Revivor of Mohammadi Islam Sufi Samrat Hazrat Syed Mahbub-e-Khoda Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali) Hujur Qibla said: There is a proverb, “Iron turns into gold if it comes in touch with the touchstone.” But there are no such touchstones in the world, which can turn iron into gold. In reality, the bearers of Noor-e-Muhammadi are those touchstones.

Sri Ramakrishna once remarked: “Be gold, transform yourselves into gold by touching the touchstone.” What is this touchstone? It is God: by touching, by realizing God, we become gold; meaning that we become illumined. Not only by touching God, but also by the touch of a God-man, such as Prophets, Rasuls, Awlia-e-Keram, Sufi-Saints — Hazrat Muhammad (Sm), Jesus, Moses, Goutam Buddha, Sri Krishna, Sri Ramakrishna, one becomes illumined.

Everyday we have many occasions to touch one another, but we do not see any particular effects from these touches. But if we read the Bible we can find many examples of Jesus making people healed and perfect just by touching them. In the New Testament for instance there is the story of Jesus being approached by a man suffering from a skin disease saying to Jesus: “If you want you can make me clean.” Jesus answered “I do.” And by touching the suffering man he made him free from his disease. But Jesus not only cleaned and purified the man’s body, he also purified his spirit. He used to cure blind man and leprosy by the touch. In the holy Qur’an it was said, “As the will of Allah would reveal through him, he used to cure blind man and leprosy.” In the language of holy Qur’an, “He would give life to dead man at the will of Allah.” If he would puff the birds preparing by mud, those would become alive.” The Great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) made two dead sons of Hazrat Zaber (Ra) alive miraculously. He divided the moon into two parts by the hint of forefinger. The flood of milk flowed in the breast of goat by the touch of hand of Prophet Muhammad (Sm). In fact, touching a God-man can transform an imperfect man into a perfect man, can transform a sinner into a saint.

Allah the Magnificent has sent numerous Prophets, Rasuls and Awlia-e-Keram from the time immemorial to rescue the strayed men to the path of truth and welfare. In this regard the holy Qur’an says, “There is a community among My creations who shows mankind the right path and establishes justice in society.” (Surah Araf 7: Verse 181) For this reason all Prophets and Rasuls taught mankind to be ideal in character. Responding to the call of the Prophets and Rasuls, the sinful people of the contemporary world achieved noble character having come to their close touch.

The Great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) was the greatest of all the Prophets and Rasuls. He came as the best ideal for mankind. People of Arabia by coming to the close touch with him became ideal in character and were transformed into the greatest nation of the world. How the sinful people became ideal in character, their glowing example is Hazrat Omar Faruq (Ra). History says, Omar was the only man who dared to chop off the head of Hazrat Rasul (Sm) at a meeting arranged by the kafirs (unbelievers) of Makkah. But Omar embraced Islam after going in front of Hazrat Rasul (Sm). He threw his bare sword away and rolled on his feet. The power, which Hazrat Rasul possessed and melted the pitiless heart of indomitable Omar and induced him to love Allah, is basically the touchstone.

From the very beginning of the creation all the Prophets and Rasuls were the bearers of Noor-e-Muhammadi. In the following ages of Hazrat Rasul (Sm) Awlia-e-Keram and Sufi-Saints are the bearers of Noor-e-Muhammadi. History says, the sinful men by keeping in touch with the Awlia-e-Keram like Gause Pak Hazrat Abdul Qader Zilani (Rh), Gareebe Newaz Hazrat Khwaja Moyeenuddin Chishti (Rh), Hazrat Mojadded Alfesani (Rh), Hazrat Bahauddin Nakshband (Rh) and Imam Syed Abul Fazal Sultan Ahmad (Rh) had transformed them into ideal in character. In the present age too the sinful men are being turned into ideal-charactered ones by keeping in touch with the great man of the age, Messenger of peace, Sufi Samrat Hazrat Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali) Hujur Qiblajan.

In this regard Allah said, “O believers! Fear Me and keep in touch with the sadeqeen (truthful).” Such kind of truthful persons are the touchstones.

In this subcontinent, Islam has been brought by the Sufi-Saints and Awlia-e-Keram. Islam was established by the Sufis and their miraculous power in Bangladesh which was mainly inhabited by the Hindus and the Buddhists, taking the documentary proofs of the origin of Sufism and its gradual development.

The great man of the present age, Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi to have caused many miracles till date. His holy touching gave voice to a mute, eye to a blind man and apparently brought a dead man to life.

Failures of medical science in areas where Dewanbagi’s special powers blessed a couple with beautiful children. It is not an isolated example as Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi’s blessings have found many couples with children, who were earlier having difficulty to conceive.

The miracles of Sufi Samrat Hazrat Dewanbagi are a great surprise of eternity. The life of this great man is full of miracles. By the touch of his forefinger Allah’s Dhikr is activated in the Qalb of a man. Occasionally, Dhikr starts in hearts of men by his direction. And this is because, the power of Allah is revealed by him.

An ill person comes round by seeing his appearance. When his follower, blind Hafiz, was drowning in strong current of the river Meghna, he saved him. When his disciple was suffering from severe pain of appendicitis, in far distant Japan and informed him over phone, the pain was relieved instantaneously.

Sufi Samrat Hazrat Dewanbagi is such a great Wali-Allah which will be testified by lakhs of his disciples. It is proved that the Wali-Allah should possess practical miracles, his disciples will give evidence. By following his teachings and ideals one can know how to communicate with Allah and peaceful life as well as getting help from danger, calamity and various diseases miraculously.

In conclusion, if we take the companion of Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi Hujur Qiblajan and follow his lessons properly, we will be benefited. As a result, our character will be good and fine enough.

[Writer: Researcher and Senior Journalist]

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