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Sufism: Original Science of Creations

Imam Dr. ARSAFM Qudrat E Khoda Abstract: Sufism or Tasauf is the science to know about the Almighty. It is the science by which one can know the Identity of Allah. Mainly science is two types, one is worldly science and another is spiritual science. It is a great spiritual science which is called Elmul […]

Salat and It’s Implementation

Imam Dr Sayed A.F.M. Monjur-E-Khoda Abstract: Salat (prayer) is the most important pillar in Islam. Five times prayer in a day is compulsory for a believer. We consider prayer as the best worship. So, under which method Salat may be more effective and turned as the best performance is very important for every Muslim. Allah […]

Spiritual Philosophy of Sufi Samrat

Nadia Uddin Sufi Samrat Hazrat Shah Dewanbagi (Mza) Hujur Qibla is the Greatest Reformer and Revivor of Mohammadi Islam. He teaches us the process of how a man can communicate with Almighty Allah and how we can rectify and control our Nafs in order to gain the closeness and satisfaction of Allah. Allah has sent […]

Significance of holy Ramadan

Prof Dr Abdul Mannan Mia Human being is the best creation of Almighty Allah among all other creations. Allah says in the holy Qur’an, “Men and jinn have been created only to worship Me.” Those who follow the order and laws of Allah properly are the real mumin. Islam is the only divine religion for […]

Divine touch of Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi

Dr Syed Mehadi Hasan Divine touch is a heavenly touch. It is a touch of power and a transforming touch. Divine touch is a touch that produces change and it is different from an ordinary touch of a friend, a spouse or colleagues. A touch could be by placing of hand or through spoken word, […]

Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi : The Greatest Wali-Allah of the 21st Century

Dr. Muhammad Nasir Uddin Sohel The Creator of the universe is Allah the Magnificent, and man is His best creation. So man is called ‘Ashraful Makhlukat’ that means the best human being of the creation of Almighty Allah. So he has sent many Prophets and Rasuls in the age of Nabuwat (Prophethood). Allah says in […]

Analytical Report on Bangladesh National Budget 2020-21

AR Prof Dr Feroz  I  Faruque Budget Highlights: Heading All amounts are in crore BDT Remarks (if any) Size of the Budget 2020-21 568000 (5.68 trillion) 17% increased from 2019-20 which was BDT 523000 (5.23 trillion) Development Expenditure 205145 (2.05 trillion) 36.12% of the budget Non Development Expenditure 362855 (3.63 trillion) 63.88% of the budget […]

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