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Sufi Samrat Hazrat Syed Mahbub-e-Khoda Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali) Hujur Quiblajan.

Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi : The Greatest Wali-Allah of the 21st Century

Dr. Muhammad Nasir Uddin Sohel

The Creator of the universe is Allah the Magnificent, and man is His best creation. So man is called ‘Ashraful Makhlukat’ that means the best human being of the creation of Almighty Allah. So he has sent many Prophets and Rasuls in the age of Nabuwat (Prophethood). Allah says in the holy Quran, “There is a community among my creations who shows the correct path and establish justice in the society.’’(Surah Araf 7 : Verse 181)

From the verse, it is crystal clear that the whole mankind is divided into two communities, one spiritual guide who shows the mankind towards right path and another is common people. Almighty Allah has sent 1 lac 24 thousands Prophets and Rasuls in the age of Nabuwat to introduce Himself to mankind. Everybody of them preached Islam, the religion of peace. He has sent Hazrat Muhammad (Sm), the greatest man of all times, in the age of darkness. During that time the Arabs indulged in wine, women and battle. The Arabs was absorbed in brutality, superstition, slavery and nature-worshipping. Then women had no rights or social dignity. To be born a daughter was a matter of shame or unfortunate. Sometimes avoiding tragic crying of a daughter, father buried her alive. The Arab bearing such type of brutality and cruelty, gained on ideal character coming close contact with Rahmatullil Alamin Hazrat Rasul (Sm). Regarding them, Hazrat Rasul (Sm) said, “My followers are compared to the stars.’’

No Prophet will come after Hazrat Muhammad (Sm). Then how will the people of next time get identity of Allah? How will they mould their character like Allah’s attributes? In fact, after Nabuwat Allah introduced the age of Belayet (friendship) to show the right path to the people of the world. The great men who come in this period are called Wali-Allah. They are the glowing lamp. Coming close contact with them, people can enlighten themselves irrespective of caste, creed and religion and they can bear the paths of peace, welfare and salvation. Wali-Allah takes the responsibility to lead the universe. There is an organizing body to perform this duty smoothly. According to organizing body Wali-Allah are divided into three groups. They are as follows:

1. Hadi: Those who take the responsibilities to help the people lead them on the right path.

2. Mazzub: Those who are absorbed in deep love for Allah and perform special important duties.

3. Country protectors: Those who perform the responsibilities of the creation according to Allah’s plan.

The works led by these three kinds of Wali-Allah are integrated and controlled well by the leader of the age (Imam of the age). As the Soul of Allah (Ruh-e-Azam) of the contemporary age, he bears the Sirajam Munira (glowing lamp) and leads the total creation. Getting spiritual power (fayez) through him, all the Awlia-e-Keram (friends of Allah) perform their own responsibilities. The whole creation getting the spiritual power from him has got continuation. In fact, as the chief of the spiritual world, he is selected by Allah. He is the emperor of the Awlia-e-Keram of the contemporary age.

He is sometimes known as Imam, sometimes as Mozadded or reformer and sometimes as Sufi Samrat. At present, to perform the duty in the sinful world as the Imam, Allah has sent the great reformer, revivor of Mohammadi Islam Sufi Samrat Hazrat Syed Mahbub-e-Khoda Dewanbagi (Maddazilluhul Ali) Hujur Quiblajan. He upholds the teachings and ideology of Hazrat Rasul (Sm) that means Mohammadi Islam to the mankind. He revived the Mohammadi Islam preached by Hazrat Rasul (Sm) which was abolished after the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hossain (Ra) brutally killed by Yazid and his soldiers at the field of Karabala. People can perceive the real teaches and ideology of Hazrat Rasul (Sm) coming to Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi. He teaches his followers four teachings as follows:

  1. Self-purification: It is said in the holy Quran, “The man who keeps his qalb pure is successful. And the man who makes his qalb impure is destroyed.’’ (Surah Shams 91: Verses 9-10) So Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi teaches to gain ideal character through self-purification.
  2. Immortality of heart (Qalb): “The people, whose qalbs have been refraining from the Dhikr of Allah, are clearly derailed.’’(Surah Jumar 39: Verse 22) Sufi Samrat teaches people to be rescued from the derailed path.
  3. Deep concentration in prayer: It has been stated in the Hadith, “His prayer is not granted who thinks of others during performing prayer.’’(Bukhari Sharif) Sufi Samrat Hazrat Dewanbagi teaches people how a person can make Allah present in the prayer. If worshippers follow his guidance, worldly affairs will not appear in their minds. As a result they can achieve the blessings and bounties of prayers.
  4. To be an Ashek-e-Rasul : Actually, a man can make himself Ashek-e-Rasul coming close contact with Sufi Samrat because he teaches common people how to love Hazart Rasul (Sm) to be ideal character. It is said in the Hadith, Hazrat Rasul (Sm) said, “Certainly Almighty Allah sends a great man who can reforms the religion at the beginning of a century.’’(Abu Daud Sharif)

Almighty Allah has sent Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi Hujur Qiblajan in this century as a great reformer. So he has reformed the wrong concepts which prevailed in Islam and got appreciation home and abroad. Many works reformed by him have been implemented in the state. Several of more than hundred reformations are presented below:

A wrong conception was in the whole Muslim world that there are 6,666 verses in the holy Quran. By researching the Quran, he has proved there are 6,236 verses in the Quran. Later, perceiving the proof, it has been published by the Islamic Foundation Bangladesh, under the Religious Ministry of Bangladesh that there are 6,236 verses in holy Quran.

Animals were sacrificed in one’s own name, in mother’s name and in father’s name in our country. Sufi Samrat abolished the wrong conception to sacrifice in our own name instead of Allah. But he started to sacrifice animals in the Name of Allah.

He determined Friday as the greatest day of the week instead of Sunday which was implemented in 1982. Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi found out the mystery of the speech (khutba) delivered before prayer Juma on Friday and established the speech in Bengali. He abolished the wrong conception that Hazrat Rasul (Sm) was poor but he established that Hazrat Rasul (Sm) was the richest man of the then Arab.

According to the holy Quran and the Hadith, he proved that Hazrat Rasul (Sm) demised on 1st Rabiul Awal not on the 12th Rabiul Awal. He established Eid-e-Miladunnabi, the holy birth day of Hazrat Rasul (Sm), as the greatest day of the creation.

He abolished the wrong conception in deed writing and established a method according to Islam which Bangladesh Govt. circulated from the 11th August, 1991 indeed writing everywhere in Bangladesh.

He declared that to say prayer on the Zainamaj with the pictures of holy Qaba Sharif and Rawza Sharif (Shrine) of Hazrat Rasul (Sm) is to disobey the Islamic rules. In the eye of a section of people in our society, to visit Majar and Rowza Sharif is treated as bedat (innovation). But in the Hadith, Hazrat Rasul (Sm) said, “After my demise, those who visit my Rowza, visit me as like as during my time,’’ He proved that a person can get grace and blessings visiting Majar and Rowza.

The religious philosphy of Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi is Sufism. Sufism is the original science of creation. He said: “Tasauf or Sufism is a great science that teaches the creation the techniques to communicate with Creator and to implement the existence of Allah in his heart.’’ If someone ascetic spiritual practices Sufism, he can communicate with soul, can know the identity of soul, can speak to the soul, can get the help from Allah the Magnificent and mainly can establish himself as the representative of Allah. Those who bear these teachings of Sufism in the heart are Sufis. From the time immemorial, a wrong concept prevailing in our society that of one wants to be Sufi, he needs to go jungle leaving house hold for attainment. Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi said that to be Sufi, one needs not leave family, society but living in his own place, one can be Sufi. It needs to acquire right knowledge of religion through spiritual teachings regarding Qalb and to acquire this knowledge, one need to go to Wali-Allah, especially to the Imam of the age.

Imam of the age can explain the rules and rituals of religion perfectly. It can be undoubtedly said that one can get the Identity of Allah after taking the teachings and ideology of Sufi Samrat. Through much attainment and Riazat (practice) he got the nearness to Allah and Hazrat Rasul (Sm) and he was conferred the responsibility of great reformer on 16 December, 1983. He got the responsibility of the Imam of the age on 24 August, 1988. He was entitled with the revivor of Mohammadi Islam on 5th April, 1989. He got the Belayet of all Prophets and Rasuls on 2nd October, 1996. The millions of people can see the luminous appearance on the full moon since 10 October, 2008. In the age of Belayet, he has possessed the dignity of greatest Wali-Allah and he is the only great man who has gained a lot of spiritual title conferred by Allah and Hazrat Rasul (Sm). We don’t know no other great man in the world got these titles before. From the womb to still now, he has performed millions miracles.

All the miracles happened in his life are preserved in the archives. With in the short span of time, it is quite impossible to present all the miracles. With the touch of his pointing figure, the Dhikr of Allah starts in the heart (qalb). Even a person from the farthest corner of the world takes the Sabok (spiritual lessons) of Mohammadi Islam over telephone or mobile phone, by the direction of Sufi Samrat Dewanbagi, the Dhikr of Allah start in his qalb then and there. Millions of people participate in different religious prgrammes. In the programmes, Sufi Samrat gives Sobok through delivering from mike. By the direction of Sufi Samrat, Dhikr of Allah starts in their hearts. Coming close contact with him, the dumb can speak, the blind can get back his eye sight, the dead can restore to life. When the disciples fall in troubles or in danger suddenly, Sufi Samrat appears there spiritually and rescues them. Such types of incidents happened a lot. When the couple failed to take issue even taking modern developed treatment, they fulfilled their dreams coming to close contact with Sufi Samrat through manat (promise to Allah). The word ‘kafer’ (derailed from the right path) written in the forehead could changed into Mumeen (believer) by the grace of Sufi Samrat. The disobedient and addicted boy of the parents came to back to normal life and gained ideal characters by the grace of Sufi Samrat. In the thrilling darkness of the night, the disciples fall in troubles and are attacked by the robbers, Sufi Samrat saves them. Coming out of the picture of Sufi Samrat hanging on the wall, Sufi Samrat caught the thief and protected the valuable articles of the house hold. Falling into the deep ocean, when a disciple calls for his help while waiting for death, Sufi Samrat saves him. Seeing his luminous appearance, a sick person gets cured. An accused for hanging begged for pardon to the Honorable president and he was acquitted. But by the grace of Sufi Samrat, the accused got released. The remote control is on his hand to control the universe. Bearing his teachings in the hearts, the sinner and the sufferers can get cured from diseases and six passions namely unlawful sex, anger, greed, illusion, pride and envy etc. and enlightening themselves. They can attain ideal character. Similarly they can remove the diseases of the body and lead their lives in happiness, peace and enrichment. Anyone can be fortunate to get the visit of Allah and Hazrat Rasul (Sm) if he meditates according to the method of Sufi Samrat. He can be fortunate to get the visit of Allah and Rasul (Sm) in dream. At last the greatest wonder of the all times ‘Baba Dewanbagi in the full moon of the sky’ proves that Allah is not shapeless but He has fixed shape. Through attainment a man can get the visit of Allah. Allah has shown his live appearance in the full moon and proved that he is the best friend of Allah. The people of more than 100 countries including Bangladesh have seen his appearance in the full moon and greeted him. To see the appearance of Sufi Samrat is the full moon may be regarded as ‘Paramount or Greatest Miracle of age’.

[Writer: Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, The People’s University of Bangladesh]

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